Acces when you want, any where.
No matter where you are or the time. All you need is an Internet connection to access and protect any file. Whether on the street with your phone, on a PC in the office or with your notebook in a bar, you can access your documents and protect them. 

Access your files wherever you are.

WW0 lets you access and protect documents from any mobile device through native applications for Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod and Blackberry.

Share access with other users.
Forget send and receive documents from your workgroup. With WW0, you and your colleagues can share files or entire folders and synchronize the latest version of the document in which they are working.

Our Plans:

30 Giga bytes = US$ 4 per month.
50 Giga bytes = US$ 5 per month.
100 Giga bytes = US$ 7 per month.

Back up online. Your files in "The Cloud".
Protect your most precious information: photos, videos, music, PDFs and any document to avoid any problem for loss.

WW0 lets you make an automatic backup of your files so that you always have an available safe infrastructure.

Need more space? No problem, our platform is scalable and can give you all the space you need





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