Phone Card
on your phone bill 

Call all over the world to more than 200 countries, per less than 0.03 USD per minute.

See the countries where you can use this card:

  Talk every day with the people you love more, from anywhere in the world, with low cost calls.

What card is the best for you? 
5,40 USD - 180 minutes. - 6 minutes every day per one month.
10,80 USD - 360 minutes. - 12 minutes every day per one month.

You wanna talk more ? 
Take a look our plans here.

Make your calls from your landline, your smartphone, your laptop, your office, or from home. And even from a payphone, thanks to our technology of telecomandremote that permite you make call from any phone in the world and talk anywhere, thanks to your VOS card.  

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