Our proprietary system allows you to view multiple cameras from anywhere in the world.  Whether at the office with your computer or laptop, or on the beach with your smartphone,Of this way you always have access to your security cameras.  
Bailment equipment:

Sirens: sounds to an emergency signal.
Magnetic sensors: detects the openings of doors and windows.
Motion sensor: detects movement, or temperature changes.
Digital Keypad: Enables or disables the security system and has emergency buttons.
BackupIP: Via alternate contact between WW0 and you.
Remote Control: wireless device that lets you enable or disable the security system, and send emergency signals from anywhere in the house.
Via IP Cams: These cameras are connected to the Internet and have incoroporada light, will allow you to see what happens in your  properties by day and night from anywhere.
goalkeeper with incorporated viewer: Letting you know everything that happens in the door of your property.

Aditional services:
-Assistance WW0. - Tests every 24 hours.
- Report of monthly Activity.  - WWO accompanies you.  
- Backup of communication. - IP and mobile Comunication.
  Prices expressed by a property. 


* Without cameras: 
US$156 per year.

* Videosupersion with camera: 
US$ 378 per year 

* CCTV with cams: 
US$627 per year

-If you pay in cash, 20% of discount.

-For every additional property in your country or in the exterior, you have 10% of discount.


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